"Jack Pearson is an amazing guitar player...he really is one of the best on the planet. He's one of those guys who is equally at home whether he's playing jazz, blues, country or rock. Whatever he plays, it's always in his own style and interesting to hear...I urge everyone to check him out."
- Derek Trucks
"He's got to be one of the finest pickers on the planet."
- Charlie
"Jack is one of the best players IN ALL THE WORLD. Effortless..."
- Ed King (Lynyrd Skynyrd)
"One of the greatest guitar players in Nashville, Jack Pearson"
- Steve Wariner
"Jack Pearson, a very sophisticated guitar player...very sophisticated!"
- Chet Atkins, CGP
"If you've never heard Jack play guitar, you've missed the 8th wonder of the world...seriously!" 
- Nashville Arts Magazine
"You got a feel like nobody's got, man, I'm telling you right now."
- Johnny Neel

"Every All Star Guitar Night show has an outstanding highlight. This year it was by adding Jack Pearson to the lineup. His supportive and tasteful backup on both acoustic and electric guitar and his soaring leads were cheered by the audience and backstage as well. He has an open invitation to any All Star Guitar Night in the future."

- Muriel Anderson
"...that man can play! I have long said that every guitar magazine should put Jack Pearson on the cover with the headline: 'The best guitarist you need to see if you haven't yet.' I've never met anyone as adept at Delta Blues as they are Bebop. A man who can rock with the Allman Brothers as good as he can swing with Jimmy Smith. A man who could have accompanied Blind Willie Johnson as well as he could Shirley Caesar. That's a rare human right there. Go ask your favorite guitarist. I have learned so much from Jack, and not just about music. He's a good man, and I am really thankful that I got to hear him, jam with him, and know him as a friend."
- Oteil Burbridge (ABB)
"If Duane were alive today, I think Duane would be playing just the way Jack Pearson is playing." from Hittin' The Note Magazine, 1998
- Jaimoe (ABB)
"Jack is a very deep well. People just sit there and watch him play in amazement about how fluid and natural he is. It’s effortless.”
- Jimmy Hall
“He plays hard. I’ve never seen anybody who can play Delta blues, Southern rock and jazz as well as he can. He plays right from the heart; it’s like he’s singing through his guitar strings.”
- Dennis Taylor (saxophonist)
“Pearson ‘is a great slide player,’ said [Butch] Trucks…’a strong rhythm guitarist, who helps ‘lay a groove about 10 miles wide behind what Dickey is doing.’ When Pearson finished playing…“Dreams” at one rehearsal, Betts ‘fell on the floor and kissed his feet,’ Trucks said.  ‘A real feeling came through. Dickey loved it.’”
- Butch Trucks
"When it comes to playing music, Jack Pearson is all business. And when it comes to playing the blues, there are very few guitarists who can hold a candle to him. The phrasing and structure of his blues playing is exceptional, and he puts his very soul into every note. You have to have an attitude to play the blues, and Jack has it in spades.”
- Hittin' The Note
"Ah, the sweet sound of Jack Pearson's guitar. He has the kind of sleek tone that thrills straight away, every time."
- Blues Review
“He plays straight guitar with a precise abandon…his slide playing is otherworldly. His tone and prowess are flawless…"
- Vibes Magazine
“There are very few artists with Jack Pearson’s talent and creative skills.”
- Bill Ector, Hittin' The Note
"guitarist Jack Pearson, a Nashville treasure with plenty of slide savvy and tone to spare."
- Pulse Magazine
"light touch and fluid, jazzy style – not to mention dynamic slide playing…"
- Rolling Stone
"an outrageously smooth slide guitarist."
- Boston Globe
"one of the best blues/rock guitarists on the scene today."
- Real Blues Magazine
“world-class guitarist Jack Pearson, Nashville’s most unassuming musician.”
- Blues Revue
"Anyone who's caught Pearson live knows he can flat burn,"
- Music Row Magazine
"Catch him if you can folks; guitar players like this don’t come along that often…If you can only check out one player, make that player Jack Pearson!”
- Vintage Guitar
"Getting to meet Jack Pearson was particularly amazing...one of the greatest all-around players I had ever encountered....The truth is, I pretty much never saw a more well-rounded player, especially when it came to all genres and all techniques."
- Arlen Roth