“Adds Allman with a chuckle, ‘After [Dickey] played with [Jack], Dickey said, ‘Either we hire him or I ask him for lessons.’”
Gregg Allman, Guitar World
“Guitar playing is a complicated skill that requires patience, perfected technique, and years of practice.  I wanted to learn the proper way to master this skill and knew Jack Pearson was the teacher for me.  From chord voicings and ear training to slide playing and finger picking, Jack has taught me ways to approach these ideas in a comprehensive manor that harmonizes with my playing ability.”
Derrick B., guitar student
"Jack's clinic was just so educational. He has studied and practiced every conceivable aspect of guitar playing...from how to hold the pick to how to play over augmented/demented chords...an absolute must for anyone that loves playing guitar. It was humbling to see how truly dedicated a musician Jack Pearson is."
David D., guitar clinic attendee
"Jack shows a reverence and respect for the music he loves to play - whether its jazz, gospel, rock, blues or old-timey Appalachian mountain music, Jack's love for it and for those from whom he learned that music, is strikingly evident. It sounds fantastic because he loves and honors it. 

It's often said that he is one of the most tasteful players in the music industry. One reason may be that his approach is based on 'what's best for the song'. He reminds students that this is about being part of a collaborative effort to make the song the best it could be and not about unemotional, incomprehensible, speed-demon runs up and down the guitar neck."
Charles T., guitar clinic attendee
"Having the chance to learn from a player like Jack is an unbelievable experience. Being exposed to the techniques Jack uses has improved my playing exponentially. The skills that he imparts to other players is the culmination of his years of playing and studying the guitar, and I plan on attending every clinic he offers from now on. I highly recommend anyone wanting to improve their playing join in one of his clinics."
Jared A., guitar clinic attendee

There's a reason Jack Pearson played with The Allman Brothers; he really is THAT good! Jack has the rare qualities of being humble and approachable; rare qualities indeed from someone of his stature. He is very personable, both one on one, and at his guitar clinics. He keeps no secrets but reveals all about his style, his playing, his technique and the way he thinks about and approaches music. Ask him, which is encouraged at his clinics, and he'll tell all!

Meeting Jack, learning from him, and witnessing his playing has only caused my esteem for him to increase substantially. It is a very unusual thing to be able to learn from someone of his stature and experience. I count myself fortunate to have been able to attend his guitar clinic; I plan to attend as many as possible in the future. Highly recommended.

Norm T., guitar clinic attendee
"I really enjoyed the guitar clinic...It was a relaxed atmosphere and being able to hear you explain your approach in playing everything from rhythm, to soloing and lead fills and slide technique gave me so much to work on and think about...the knowledge you shared in such a friendly way will help me understand what I need to do to become a better guitar player. It was a great group of musicians listening to a master guitarist and it was a very good day."
Rick R., guitar clinic attendee
"Jack Pearson's guitar clinic was truly an enjoyable experience and there was something to be gained for guitar players of all skill levels. He is a true inspiration."
Johnny B., guitar clinic attendee
"Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? I learned a bunch of new techniques, which has further opened up more doors in my playing. I'm able to look at the fingerboard in ways I never really did before. I couldn't wait to get back and start organizing an entirely new practice schedule incorporating all of the techniques Jack taught us.
Chuck T., guitar clinic attendee
“‘Jack is a great rhythm player,’ says Trucks. ‘He plays great comps behind Dickey’s solos and he innately understands when to play with us, when to play with the organ and when to play counterpoint to Dickey or the bassline. That happened immediately, and with every gig, he established his solo voice more and more. He concentrated on learning and even improving the song first and establishing his identity second, which I think is appropriate.’”
Butch Trucks, Guitar World